How important is rising leadership in your business?

Most people don't have a consistent, systematic framework to grow their leadership skills. And, unfortunately, most leaders don't possess a transferable methodology for training others in the most effective and vital priorities of business. Most react to the hot issue of the day and often forget about their long-lasting vision and values that stand the test of time.

We've learned that high levels of influence endure only with the successful and consistent reflection and recalibration of one’s priorities. This continual realignment allows the best leaders to keep the most important ones at the forefront, cutting through the constant barrage of tasks, activities, interruptions and urgent requests. Engaging and leading from this framework not only creates clarity and alignment across the organization, it also creates a common leadership language and framework in which leaders at all levels can engage, learn and grow.

The Science Within The Prioritized Leader Framework

The Five Priorities needed to truly succeed in life and business:

  • PURPOSE - It’s about knowing and living the “why” of your organization, being able to articulate a clear and compelling future. The result is vision and values.
  • PEOPLE - The level of health and productivity we have with our colleagues and connections. The outcome is encouragement and accountability.
  • PACE - Discerning how fast (or slow) the organization needs to move to sustain long-term success, capitalize on opportunities, and preserve capital. The benefit is time and energy.
  • PERCEPTION - Choosing a growth mindset, staying open to creative solutions and new ideas. The result is insight and innovation.
  • PROFIT - The effective management, investment and release of an organization’s resources. The gain is dollars and cents.

Who Is It For?

The Prioritized Leader assessment is not designed for everyone. In particular, this assessment, report, and associated training program are designed for three specific types of leaders:

  • Current leaders who desire to be more effective, healthy, and influential
  • Future leaders who may have influence today, but are not currently in a formal leadership position
  • Leaders who wants to be more purposeful, disciplined, and impactful

How Does It Work?

First, ask yourself -- are you a good match for this program?

  • Are your priorities misaligned with the optimal order of Purpose, People, Pace, Perception and Profits?
  • Are any of the Five Priorities above missing or would you rate any as low within your organization?
  • Do you feel other “pain points” like low productivity, team conflict, poor employee engagement, a dysfunctional work culture, or overall performance issues?

Andrew Hill, a Master Certified Prioritized Leader Consultant, guides the participant through the process -- training, consulting and coaching on lessons within each module as reinforcement. Andrew will help bridge the program content within the context of your organization and life.

  1. The first step in the program is to take The Prioritized Leader assessment of 50 questions to identify areas of strength and weakness in the five priorities. The resulting report gives participants a clear framework to better understand the priorities that need to be at the top, their level of strength within each priority and suggested next steps to grow their leadership.
  2. Participants gain access to TTI SI’s learning management system (LEARN) where they have access to 40 short videos across five modules covering all Five Priorities. Each module has an associated participant's guide and workbook to accompany the videos for self-instruction and coaching.
  3. recommends consistent coaching and training in support of this program to effectively integrate results into the workplace.
  4. The assessment survey may be retaken to gauge improvements at any point during the process .

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