“86% of business leaders agree that success hinges on their rising leaders… But only 14% have confidence in their rising leadership.”

                                                                                                            – a recent survey by Deloitte

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Succession Ready?

Research has found a surprising lack of talent management programs that support both succession planning and effective talent development. S3 is a dynamic new program that provides clarity and direction on implementing an effective leadership and talent strategy.

Introducing S3 – Strategic Talent Solutions

  • The “bench” strength of future leaders is a common problem across countless organizations.  Investing in and preparing for leadership changes while addressing gaps between talent readiness and succession needs are notable challenges for any organization, regardless of size or assets.  S3 is designed to synchronize with your strategic plan to build a comprehensive approach that will align and identify:
  • critical roles required to ensure success
  • skills, attributes, and characteristics needed to deliver strategic initiatives
  • high-potential candidates and develop them to meet those needs

S3 creates bench strength for current roles and future development needs while giving you:

  • Collaboration – working with industry professionals who understand talent development and human resources to achieve optimal results
  • Confidence – peace of mind knowing what is needed to meet/exceed strategic objectives
  • Continuity & Connection – ownership and engagement throughout the organization while avoiding talent dominos and vacuums  
  • Continuing Development – resources to level up leadership skills to maintain a strong bench   
  • Celebration – realizing success in having a plan to move forward to meet organizational continuity goals


THE S3 Program

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