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Solutions At Work announces the release of S3 Strategic Talent Solutions, a new business program in partnership with Potentia.works. This program blends human resources acumen with experienced talent development methods to create focused talent management strategies. 

Strategic Talent Solutions, or S3, is a dynamic new talent development program that provides clarity and direction for implementing an effective strategic talent plan. This three-phased program focuses on discovery, assessment, and needs analysis, as well as the development of future leaders for company growth and succession sustainability.   

Extensive research found a surprising lack of programs that support both succession planning and strategic talent development. And statistics show that most business leaders are dissatisfied with current market offerings for developing their future leaders. There is often a gap between the skills, competencies, and readiness of future leaders, and these must be factored into both talent development and succession plans. Synchronizing both with an organization’s strategic plan is a notable challenge for most leaders. 

S3 offers a comprehensive approach that defines skills and characteristics required for key leadership, identifies high-potential candidates, and develops them to meet those needs. Thus, the program creates bench strength for current roles and future development needs. 

About Solutions At Work: Established in 2010, Solutions At Work provides small to midsize companies access to cost-effective Human Resources solutions as well as HRIS and Payroll technology. Solutions At Work balances HR consulting services and talent development to meet today’s and tomorrow’s clients’ needs. For more information, visit www.mysolutionsatwork.com   

About Potentia.Works: Since 2016, consults and coaches leaders, their teams, and organizations to optimize talent to reach maximum organizational effectiveness. Potentia.works applies science-based approaches with unique leadership insights to enhance organizational effectiveness, revitalize leadership, and develop the best talent for the organization. For more information visit www.potentia.works